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Ivan Tchatchouwo

Founder & CEO 

  • Former collegiate basketball player and team captain

  • Graduated from Columbia University with a Master's degree in Physiology

  • Director of Human Performance for the last 8 years

Ivan's Journey

As a collegiate basketball player, Ivan experienced an injury that ended his junior season. Dropping out of pre-med and using substances to cope, he eventually discovered the college’s sports psychologist who diagnosed Ivan with depression. Seeking support helped Ivan realize he was struggling with an identity crisis.

Throughout this challenging time, he realized:

  • Nobody was opening up about their struggles

  • Many teammates were also struggling behind the scenes

  • Only 2 athletes had visited the sports psychologist in 2 years

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Erik Poldroo

Founder & COO

  • Former all-conference baseball player and team captain

  • Member of Concordia College NY's All-Decade Baseball Team

  • Experienced business executive with over 9 years of experience within sales, customer success, and marketing.

Erik's Journey

As a collegiate baseball player, Erik dealt with mental health struggles including anxiety and stress that inhibited his performance on the field and classroom - resulting in a lower GPA and substance use to cope. After being diagnosed with performance anxiety and not knowing where to turn, he began practicing meditation and mindfulness to improve this which resulted in better performance on and off the field.

Throughout this journey, he realized:

  • The opportunity for accessible and private wellness resources was not readily available

  • Athletes were often afraid to open up to their staff due to the fear of losing playing time

  • Staff did not always know how to help because athletes weren't opening-up and being honest.

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Janaya Reid

Founder & CPO

  • Over 6 years of design experience

  • Received Masters of Business Administration from Kogod School of Business at American University

Janaya's Journey

Janaya understands the world through her experience as a woman of color. She knows firsthand what it feels like to be marginalized and not have institutional support.

Over the years she’s learned:

  • It is difficult to access reliable and relatable resources

  • There is a lack of education around what wellness means and how it can be applied to one's life

  • Students require an innovative approach to wellness

Johnna Yazgan

UX/UI, Visual Designer

  • Graduated in 2019 with honors and received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology
  • Passionate about digital design, computer graphics, and visual arts since childhood

Adrien Feudijo

Part-time CTO

  • Product manager at Google
  • Valedictorian at Morgan State University
  • CEO/CTO of an app focused on international students
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Paul Hawkins

Head of Content

  • 20-year Content Executive with NBC Sports, Golden State Warriors, Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Recipient of nine Telly Awards for excellence in production and advertising
  • Recipient of eight EMMY Awards for work with the Golden State Warriors and Boston Red Sox
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