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A Mental Wellness Platform for Athletes

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We put wellness coaching in every athlete's pocket,
so they can feel and perform their best.

Who We Support



Universities, High Schools
and Prep Schools

Athletic Organizations

Professional Sports Teams,
Travel and AAU Teams


Corporate Wellness Programs,
Non-Profit Organizations

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The Problem

Data shows a substantial increase in the
mental health struggles of student-athletes nationwide.


Nationwide increase in mental health-related challenges for student-athletes over the last 10 years.


Are not able to keep up with
academics resulting in stress and anxiety.


Only 10% of student-athletes seek help or support. 

The Real Problem 

Our Solution

Using the power of AI and Machine Learning in-app capabilities including: 

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Mood Tracking

We enable discovery and awareness through visual representations of mood trends and patterns.
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Guided Pathways

Science-backed lessons to empower users to develop and maintain healthy coping skills and habits.
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Access to Support

We make reaching out for support more accessible and streamlined than ever before.
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Scalable Wellness

We provide an accessible and scalable platform for all those who wish to improve their wellbeing.

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Who We Are


Founder & CEO

Ivan Tchatchouwo
  • Former collegiate basketball player and team captain
  • Graduated from Columbia University with a Masters in Physiology
  • Director of Human Performance for the last 8 years

Ivan's Journey

As a collegiate basketball player, Ivan experienced an injury that ended his junior season. Dropping out of pre-med and using substances to cope, he eventually discovered the college’s sports psychologist who diagnosed Ivan with depression. Seeking support helped Ivan realize he was struggling with an identity crisis.

Throughout this challenging time, he realized:
  • Nobody was opening up about their struggles
  • Many teammates were also struggling behind the scenes
  • Only 2 athletes had visited the sports psychologist in 2 years
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Co-Founder & COO

Erik Poldroo
  • Former all-conference baseball player and team captain
  • Member of Concordia College NY's All-Decade Baseball Team
  • Sr. Paternership manager at DynAdmic

Erik's Journey

As a collegiate baseball player, Erik dealt with mental health struggles including anxiety and stress that inhibited his performance on the field and classroom - resulting in a lower GPA and substance use to cope. After being diagnosed with performance anxiety and the yips, he began practicing meditation and mindfulness to improve this anxiousness and help him feel his best.

Throughout this journey, he realized:
  • The opportunity for accessible and private wellness resources was not there
  • Athletes were afraid to open up for fear of losing playing time
  • Staff did not know how to help because athletes weren't opening-up

Co-Founder & VP of Product

Janaya Reid
  • Over 6 years of design experience
  • Received Masters of Business Administration from Kogod School of Business at American University

Janaya's Journey

Janaya understands the world through her experience as a woman of color. She knows firsthand what it feels like to be marginalized and not have institutional support.

Over the years she’s learned:
  • It is difficult to access reliable and relatable resources
  • There is a lack of education around what wellness means and how it can be applied to one's life
  • Students require an innovative approach to wellness
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UX/UI, Visual Designer

Johnna Yazgan
  • Graduated in 2019 with honors and received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology
  • Passionate about digital design, computer graphics and visual arts since childhood

Technical Partner

Shawn Fry
  • Former hospital CIO with over 25 years of experience
  • Managed the healthcare data of more than 50 million Americans
  • Founder of the Neurodiversity Foundation

Advisory Board

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Medical Advisors

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