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A SaaS Platform that uses Data to Increase

Connectivity and Wellness

For NCAA Athletic Programs

Areas to be Optimized

Lack of Wellness Culture

1/3 College Athletes Experience significant symptoms of depression, anxiety, or other mental health conditions, but only 10% report it

Siloed wellness resources

62% and  59% of former student-athletes don't feel a sense of financial and physical well-being during the transition for life after sports respectively

Lack of Student 


Overwhelmingness due to a weekly time commitment of 71 hours between academics and athletics.




 Staff Inffeciency in program communication due to an average of 2 specialists in each field for an average of 200 student Athletes 

Soccer Match

"Do you want to limit this from happening in your Athletic Program?"

Our Solution


of Resources

Through the consolidation of multiple campus services and wellness verticals, we help University staff prioritize their time to build a winning organization while giving athletes all they need on a singular platform.

Real-Time Data Analytics/Insights

With data showing real-time trends within their programs, University specialists are able to do their jobs more effectively by identifying the key needs of student-athletes to help them perform to their optimal ability.


with Digitization

Our modern-engaging system of communication between athletes and their governing bodies as well as alumni, will ensure the best opportunities for success on and off the court.

American Football Player

"Are you Looking to Optimize your Athletic Program?"


Football Stadium

Shane Southwell

Assistant Basketball Coach

"The Zone has the opportunity to change the landscape of the student-athlete. A fresh and innovative approach for the modern athlete."

Rick Barry

NBA Hall of Fame | 8x NBA All Star

"Everyone knows that knowledge and communication are keys to success. I wish The Zone was around when I was younger. The Zone provides resources to enhance an athlete’s performance, as well as giving guidance in many other important areas of life, such as preparing for a career after sports. I have never seen such a comprehensive program for athletes.”

John Cavaliere

Head Men’s Basketball Coach

"I truly believe The Zone app can be a breakthrough for collegiate athletes. With the whole world relying on technology the way we do, it is an efficient and easy way for athletes to use a platform to maximize their performance."

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