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The Premier Mental Performance System

Unlock Your Team’s Mental Potential Now! 🚀 Expanded Zone for High Schools & Pro Sports.

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Integrate a state-of-the-art mental performance system to drive peak performance for your athletic organization.

Current Partnerships

Supporting 160+ teams in college athletics.

A Personalized and Data-Driven Mental Performance System.

Wellness Culture

Make your wellness program more efficient by enabling a culture that prioritizes mental performance.

Safe Space

Offer a safe space for all athletes. A space that is personalized based on their unique needs.

Data Driven

Don’t wait for students to reach out. Be proactive with your student wellness initiatives.

An Edge

Give your organization a competitive edge and make it the obvious choice for recruits and their families.

35% of Athletes experience a Mental Health crisis.

 Mental health awareness is more critical than ever...

A growing percentage of youth in the United States live with anxiety and depression.  Students ages 18-25 have the highest instance and only 10% seek professional help.


Nationwide increase in mental health-related challenges for student-athletes over the last 10 years.


Increase in student-athletes who report experiencing anxiety and depression. 

Our Solution

Provide your athletes with a mental performance system that is easily accessible and tailored to their specific needs.

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Mood Tracking

We enable discovery and awareness through visual representations of mood trends and patterns.

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Scalable Wellness

We offer a system that is accessible and scalable to everyone on campus.

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Access to Support

We make reaching out for support more accessible and streamlined than ever before.

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Guided Pathways

Science-backed resources empower users to develop and maintain healthy coping skills and habits.

HECVAT provided upon request based on


The Zone has completed a HECVAT self-assessment for the Software. This assessment details our compliance with industry standards and the security protocols built into our infrastructure.

The Zone's HECVAT self-assessments are available upon request.

With The Zone readily accessible to all athletes, programs foster a culture that prioritizes mental wellness and creates a supportive environment for seeking assistance.. 

Giving Organizations a Competitive Edge

61% of those student-athletes reported mental health as their reason for transferring.
Last year alone, 15,000 student-athletes transferred. With anxiety and depression rates increasing yearly, transfers due to mental health concerns are only expected to rise. Based on average tuition and scholarships, this is $315.5 million in lost tuition payments or $95.1 million in lost athletic scholarships.

Universities, schools, and organizations that attack this problem head-on have a significant competitive advantage when recruiting and retaining student-athletes. 
Joe Sterrett, Lehigh University

“Working with The Zone has been wonderful- they are great collaborators, they are timely and always responsive; and they are passionate about their mission of supporting student-athletes. The way they engage authentically with student-athletes in the onboarding process has been most helpful. The tool they’ve developed is a valuable resource for student-athletes to develop self-awareness and to identify and connect with potential support resources.”

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The Zone’s mental performance system provides efficient and proactive support for well-being to unlock peak performance.

Who We Are

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Founder & CEO

Ivan Tchatchouwo

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Founder & COO

Erik Poldroo

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Founder & CPO

Janaya Reid

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Adrien Feudjio

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Medical Advisors

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