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Zone Sparks Mental Wellness Revolution in College Athletics, Secures NCAA Conference's Deal

New York, New York, 11/27: In a pivotal moment for student-athlete well-being, The Zone reaffirms its position as the leading mental performance technology in college athletics. We're excited to announce groundbreaking partnerships with the Atlantic 10, Patriot League, and Mountain West Conferences. These collaborations will make the Zone the preferred mental health partner and allow schools of these conferences to meet the NCAA's stringent new mental health regulations and enhance student-athlete potential and well-being throughout the year and beyond.

Extending groundbreaking mental performance technology to athletes and sports medicine staff across prestigious conferences, The Zone aims to revolutionize the mental aspect of sports. Already supporting over 140 teams and 5,700 athletes at 12 college athletic organization, The Zone’s user-friendly mobile app enhances accessibility to care. “As former athletes, we at The Zone understand the unaddressed challenges, stigmas, and resource limitations in collegiate sports. Making us very excited to help support athletic organizations and their athletes.” said Ivan Tchatchouwo, Co-Founder and CEO of The Zone.

As an integral part of this dynamic partnership, the Zone, in collaboration with the conferences, is set to champion the vital cause of mental well-being on the journey to peak performance.Get ready for an engaging experience as we launch a sequence of powerful campaigns and in-game marketing initiatives.This is not just about the game; it's a commitment to elevate the conversation around mental well-being, making each moment on the path to peak performance count. Get ready to be part of a movement that transcends boundaries and resonates far beyond the playing field!

Key Features of The Zone Mobile app:

1. Tailored Mental Support: At The Zone, we provide athlete-specific mental training programs meticulously crafted to meet the distinct needs and daily challenges encountered by individuals in various sports and disciplines. Our personalized support includes real-time interventions and content that directly address the specific issues an athlete is facing at any given moment through our user-friendly app.

2. Instantaneous Data and Insights: Our technology empowers athletes to harness real-time feedback and support, enabling them to adeptly navigate the intricacies of their mental well-being.

3. Faster Access to Help: With our built-in escalation process, athletes can effortlessly access support staff or their school's mental health hotline with just three simple clicks, ensuring rapid assistance when needed.

Wellness Staff Dashboard

  1. Integration with school resources: The Zone enables staff to seamlessly integrate webinars, current resources, and real-time feedback into the student experience through our technology platform.

  2. Aggregated and Anonymized Insights: The Zone prioritizes the utmost privacy of student-athletes while delivering invaluable aggregated data to sports medicine staff. This data covers the entire team or athletic organization, allowing staff to proactively address athlete challenges and mitigate severe cases, all while preserving confidentiality.

Every School, Every Athlete:

Patriot League Commissioner Jennifer Heppel emphasized their commitment: “Our commitment to supporting our student-athletes and providing resources surrounding mental health and well-being is something we take very seriously. We appreciated The Zone's participation in our Mental Health Summit in July and look forward to continuing to collaborate with them wherever it may help our student-athletes and campus communities.

Michael Jacobs Associate commissioner of the A10 said “Mental health has been a priority for the Atlantic 10 conference and by partnering with The Zone and leveraging their passion and technology, we will continue to be leaders and provide for our student-athletes.”

About The Zone:

Founded in 2020, The Zone is redefining how athletic organizations prioritize the mental well-being of their student-athletes in their quest for peak performance. As the first athlete-led brand of its kind, we've harnessed innovative technology and data to offer athletes a unique tool for managing their daily mental challenges with ease. Our mission is to expand our reach and further empower all college athletic organizations in their mission to make mental well-being accessible to every single one of their athletes.



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