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Alabama A&M and The Zone Extend Partnership to Support Student-Athlete Mental Wellness Through 2026

Alabama A&M University and The Zone, a leading mental wellness platform for student-athletes, are thrilled to announce the extension of their partnership for an additional three years. This collaboration aims to provide comprehensive mental health resources and support to the university's student-athletes, empowering them to achieve both athletic and personal success.

The Zone's platform offers a range of tools, resources, and guidance designed specifically for student-athletes to enhance their mental well-being. By extending this partnership, Alabama A&M University demonstrates its commitment to prioritizing the mental health needs of its student-athletes and recognizes the essential role mental wellness plays in overall success.

With this extended partnership, Alabama A&M University and The Zone will continue working closely to implement various initiatives that address the unique challenges faced by student-athletes. Through the platform, student-athletes will have access to evidence-based strategies for stress management, performance enhancement, resilience building, and more. The Zone's personalized approach enables athletes to develop coping mechanisms and emotional intelligence that can positively impact their athletic performance and personal lives.

Jessie Zucnick-Kimbugwe, Director of Sports Medicine at Alabama A&M University, expressed her excitement about the partnership extension, stating, " "We are excited to continue our partnership with The Zone. Giving our student athletes access to mental health resources has been a game changer for us and allowed our students athletes to have a safe space to explore their mental health. It has opened up conversations within the athletic department in regards to mental health and is helping to change the stigma associated with it.

The Zone's Co-Founder, Erik Poldroo shared his enthusiasm, saying, "We are honored to continue our partnership with Alabama A&M University. Mental wellness is a critical component of an athlete's journey, and through our platform, we aim to provide the necessary support and resources to help student-athletes thrive on and off the field. We look forward to further empowering Alabama A&M student-athletes and contributing to their long-term success."

The extended partnership between Alabama A&M University and The Zone underscores the importance of mental wellness in collegiate sports. By combining the resources and expertise of both organizations, this collaboration aims to promote a culture of mental health awareness, resilience, and self-care among student-athletes.

About Alabama A&M University:

Alabama A&M University is committed to providing an inclusive and transformative educational experience. With a rich history and a focus on academic excellence, the university offers a diverse range of programs to prepare students for success in their chosen fields.

About The Zone:

The Zone is a leading mental wellness platform dedicated to supporting student-athlete mental health. Through personalized resources, tools, and guidance, The Zone empowers athletes to develop resilience, manage stress, and enhance their overall well-being. By integrating mental wellness with sports performance, The Zone helps athletes reach their full potential.

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