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Through a diverse approach to wellness, including nutrition, fitness and therapy, we can provide a successful environment for everyone in your organization. Investing in wellness is investing in your future, culture and performance. Partner with The Zone to ensure that your athletes, students or co-workers are always at their best


The Zone for Schools

What our partners say...

The Zone & partners share a vision for accessible wellness. It is a human right to feel at your best, so why not bring it to your organization? Hear how The Zone has helped change their wellness programs.


"Health, safety and student-athlete well-being are a ....

"Health, safety and student-athlete well-being are a priority in the America East, and The Zone will provide our schools additional tools to be able to maximize their efforts in these areas."

Amy Huchthausen

AmericaEast Commissioner

Alec Brown

Director, Beyond Sports Foundation

Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 7.55.20 PM.png

"Using The Zone mobile app allows us to addto those ....

"Using The Zone mobile app allows us to add to those resources by increasing our student-athletes access to health information and by providing a platform to help us streamline our communication to the kids."

Ron Schutte

Director, All Hallows


"Partnering with The Zone is going to allow our ....

"Partnering with The Zone is going to allow our guidance and athletic staffs the necessary tools to better communicate with our students in a way we could not 8 months ago. We are now better positioned to assist our students in reaching their wellness goals today and into their futures"

How schools benefit...

When your organization is making careless decisions not driven by data, you will not see the results you in your athletes. Here's how we help:

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