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The Zone's New Medical Advisor

The Zone is thrilled to begin 2023 with a new addition to its medical advisory team: Dr. Roy Collins. Dr. Collins is a psychiatrist and is the current Chief Resident at Stanford Healthcare. As a former college athlete and a specialist in sports psychiatry, Dr. Collins’s interests align perfectly with the current goals of The Zone.

Dr. Collins played football at Yale University and was an All-Ivy award winner. He draws from that experience in his practice, providing evaluation and treatment for professional, Olympic, and NCAA athletes from around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Dr. Collins will use his expertise to provide guidance to the team at The Zone. We look forward to his help in creating guidelines to improve the value of our platform for students.

“I’m excited to join ‘The Zone’ team because I see this app as an invaluable tool allowing student-athletes to self-report their emotions, bridging the gap between client and clinician,” Dr. Collins said. “Content provided by ‘The Zone’ will hopefully empower student-athletes to better understand themselves and also feel less alone in their experiences. As a clinician, I am excited at the potential for improved communication and care of my student-athletes, as I’m better able to track their progress between appointments.”

Ivan Tchatchouwo, Co-Founder and CEO of The Zone, voiced the company’s excitement at this latest development: “As we continue to tackle this growing issue of mental well-being with our youth, we want to make sure we have the best people that have experienced and are equipped to provide the best value for our partners and their student-athletes. We see Roy as a great addition with his clinical background to really help us take the next steps in our product roadmap, content strategy, and R&D. This was a no-brainer and we are lucky to have him round out our article valuable medical advisory team.”



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