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The Zone Partners with Former World Series Champion Buddy Biancalana to Elevate Mental Performance in Sports

May 20, 2024 – The Zone, the premier mental health system in sports, is proud to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Former World Series Champion Buddy Biancalana from the Kansas City Royals. This partnership leverages Biancalana's cutting-edge mental performance courses with The Zone's innovative software to drive peak performance among athletes.

Biancalana, known for his stellar performance during the Royals' 1985 World Series win, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in mental performance to The Zone. As a mental skills coach and consultant, he has worked with athletes at all levels, helping them harness the power of their minds to achieve optimal performance.

"We are thrilled to partner with Buddy to enhance our mental performance offerings for our partners across the country," said Erik Poldroo, Co-Founder of The Zone. “Buddy's  deep understanding of the mental side of sports, combined with The Zone's technology, will provide our athletes with the tools they need to excel on and off the field.”

Through this partnership, The Zone will integrate Biancalana's proven mental performance courses into its platform, offering athletes personalized training programs tailored to their specific needs. These courses will cover a range of topics, including visualization, goal setting, focus, and resilience, all aimed at helping athletes achieve peak performance when it matters most."Partnering with The Zone is the perfect marriage for me and Zone Motion” said Buddy Biancalana. “Together we will be able to support athletes on and off the field in a cutting-edge manner.”

The partnership between The Zone and Buddy Biancalana represents a significant step forward in the field of mental health in sports. By combining Biancalana's expertise with The Zone's innovative software, athletes will have access to world-class mental performance training that can elevate their game to new heights.

For more information about The Zone and its partnership with Buddy Biancalana, visit to learn more.

About The Zone:

The Zone is the leading mental health system in sports, providing athletic organizations with personalized mental performance resources and training programs for their student-athletes. Founded by former student-athletes, The Zone is dedicated to supporting athletes in achieving their full potential both on and off the field.



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