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The Zone Partners With 7 Universities to Improve Student-Athlete Mental Wellness

Giving 4000 Students Access to Groundbreaking Platform

New York, September. 6, 2022 - The Zone is partnering with Florida A&M University, Tennessee State, Lehigh University, Seton Hill University, Alabama State, Alabama A&M, & Mercy College, providing student-athletes with a state-of-the-art mental wellness platform for their campuses.

“We are thrilled to partner with our universities this coming school year. As former student-athletes who dealt with mental health struggles during our collegiate careers, we knew we had to create a more innovative way in the way we support athletic programs and their student-athletes. Our partners have shown to be a leader in the way they provide this support, and we are excited to help the wellness culture on each of their campuses.” said Erik Poldroo, Co-Founder of The Zone.

The Zone's groundbreaking platform allows student-athletes to access wellness resources, easily communicate with campus staff, and track their mood. School administrators can access aggregate data and insights surrounding student-athlete wellness through a personalized dashboard, giving teams a unique understanding of what is happening within the athletic program while maintaining student privacy. Last year, 51% of student transfers were due to mental health-related issues. Universities that offer The Zone improve their retention by creating this safe and supportive environment


“ We are very excited to partner with The Zone so that we can better serve the mental health needs of our student-athletes. It is extremely important that we provide the necessary support for our coaches and student-athletes, and this platform will do exactly that." said Matt Kilcullen, Director of Athletics, Mercy College

The Zone made additional efforts to ensure the platform has significantly more content and support for student-athletes of marginalized communities. There is a significant need for student-athlete mental wellness and support, and The Zone is partnering with many historically Black colleges and universities to give marginalized groups first access to this state-of-the-art mental wellness system.

"I'm thrilled to have The Zone at TSU.” said Eddie George, Former NFL Running Back and Head Football Coach at Tennessee State. “The well-being and mental health of our student-athletes is something that’s very important to me as a Head Coach."

Universities that partner with The Zone retain and recruit more student-athletes by investing in their overall well-being. This was proven when The Zone partnered with Lehigh University and Seton Hill University this past year, which resulted in a 72% download rate and improved student-athlete growth.

“We are thrilled to continue and build on our partnership with The Zone. College student-athletes are a unique population and need the utmost support. At Seton Hill, our athletic department, along with help from The Zone, is committed to providing high-level mental health and wellness skills and resources, so our student-athletes can not only experience success in college but live a healthy life outside of sport and the classroom.” said Hadara Katarski, Coordinator for Student-Athlete Well-Being, Seton Hill University.

These institutions proudly demonstrate their commitment to student-athlete wellness through a partnership with The Zone. This new partnership will give 4,000 athletes access to The Zone platform.



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