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The Mental Health Landscape of Female College Athletes: Key Outcome metrics from The Zone

Updated: 4 days ago

As we delve into the mental health of college athletes, a compelling pattern emerges. Female student-athletes aged 18-24 report experiencing more negative moods compared to their male counterparts. Our data, gathered through the Zone, a leading mental health care company in sports, highlights this disparity and brings to light the unique challenges faced by young women in collegiate sports.

College Sports Team Wellness Moods

(Mood scale- 1 is positive mood and 3 is negative mood)

Top Five Teams Struggling with Mood

Our research has identified the college sports teams that report the most significant mood struggles:

  1. Women’s Soccer

  2. Women’s Volleyball

  3. Women’s Lacrosse

  4. Women’s Swim and Dive

  5. Women’s Rowing

These findings underscore the need for targeted mental health resources and support for female athletes in these disciplines.

Positive Impact of Our App

Despite these challenges, there's a silver lining. Our app, developed by the Zone, has shown remarkable efficacy in improving mood among users, particularly those who initially identify as being "at risk." Here are some key takeaways from our findings:

  • Initial Mood Check: Users who enter lower moods show the most notable improvements.

  • Frequency of Use: Consistent usage is crucial. We observe significant mood enhancements start just after the double-digit entry mark.


The data from our app users paints a clear picture: female college athletes face unique mental health challenges, but with the right tools and consistent use, significant improvements are achievable. Our goal is to continue supporting these athletes, helping them navigate their mental health journeys with confidence and resilience.

Stay tuned for more insights and updates as we continue to analyze and support the mental well-being of college athletes across the nation.



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