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Temple University Prioritizes Wellness for its Athletic Programs

Through these uncertain times we at the Zone want to make sure we are driving awareness to programs that are doing an amazing job prioritizing the WELLNESS of their athletes & athletic program.

This week we want to highlight:

Temple University- After establishing a partnership with Headspace, a mindfulness app that will offer meditation to all of their Student-Athletes, we were amazed at the steps the University was taking in order to make sure their athletes well-being is well taken care of.  We had a chance to talk with their Director of Mental Health, Wellness, and Performance, Dr. Stephanie Coakley, where she talked about how much work and effort she and her team are putting into making sure that their athletes are in their best mental state through the Covid-19 crisis.

Recently this week, Temple launched a new initiative called TUWell Time Out with Headspace”, to create a set time for the athletic program to meditate together over Zoom. These actions help push the narrative forward, showcasing the importance of mental health within athletics.

We love seeing programs that care about the well-being of their athletes and staff, and believe that it is one of the foundations in developing a winning organization.

We are excited to share more stories like this as schools continue to step up during these moments of uncertainty.

With love,

The Zone



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