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Spotlight - Jarrod Barnes

This week on The Zone podcast our feature guest will be Jarrod Barnes, former Ohio State defensive back and currently the Former Player Marketing and Services Manager for the Los Angeles Rams.

Barnes is a native of Columbus, Ohio. After high school he played safety for the University of Louisville, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science in just three years. He then went to Ohio State University, where he earned a walk-spot on the football team. In one year, Barnes earned his master’s degree in sport management and was accepted into his department’s PhD program. For those keeping track that’s four years, two degrees as a student athlete, and becoming the first Ohio State player to pursue a PhD while still on the roster.

Following his playing career, Barnes served as a defensive backs coach under Urban Meyer before becoming the Assistant Director for Student Athlete Development at Clemson University. In the past few years Barnes has been a Business Development Manager for RISE Sports Advisors, and a Contributing Writer for Front Office Sports. He is also the founder and CEO of PRIME U, a company made for the development of athletes, coaches, and leaders in the sports field in all facets. Barnes role for the Los Angeles Rams is to connect former Rams players with opportunities to pursue after their playing career.

In this podcast, Barnes talks with our host Ivan Tchatchouwo about he loves about entrepreneurship along with what skills athletes need to learn to prepare themselves for a situation like COVID-19.

Check out a portion of the conversation Ivan and Jarrod had:



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