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Prioritizing Wellness & It's Connection to Success

Mental Health. Exercise. Rest. Weight control. Now, perhaps more than ever before, people are prioritizing wellness. And while they take control of their well-being, they are taking the wheel and headed down the road to success.

During this time, you should encourage your staff and student athletes to focus on their wellness, as it is pivotal to their career. Here is some information that can help you.

1. Communication is Key. Encourage your student athletes to discuss their thoughts with you. Check in with your students as much as possible. Update your students about initiatives that you are taking to optimize their health and well-being.

2. Be Prepared. Always have the ability to answer questions, share resources/information to student athletes, and help them through tough times.

3. Gen Z aren’t used to times such as this, so the amount of social media information they see may cause a high level of anxiety

4. Get your Head in the Game. Seek the help of and/or refer your athletes to a mental health professional or a strength coach to ensure that your athletes have an outlet and don't burn out.

5. Be their compass. Identity crisis could be an issue as athletes many times tie their identity with being an athlete. Help them discover their identity.

6. Advertise yourself. With the economy at such a standstill, many upperclassmen student athletes could be facing social pressures, depression and anxiety because they do not know what is next for them. Without much time to attain an internship when you’re an athlete, their resumes don’t give them much experience.

The schools that get this correct will have the trust of the student athlete currently and the future. Parents should also being mindful of how this period is handled by the very people that they give there teens to for 4 years. Lastly, brands, fans, and alumni whom are part of your community can be made stronger through this period. We want to challenge programs to make sure that they invest in today for tomorrow through connectivity and wellness.



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