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Welcome to The Zone

Supporting Each Player, Uniting Every Team


Wellness Partner

Of the AEC

The Issue

Athletic Programs often struggle with 

Inefficiencies within their wellness program due to:



1 in 3 college athletes experience significant symptoms of depression, anxiety, or other mental health conditions, but only 10% report it. 

Scattered resources

62% of student-athletes don't feel a sense of well-being and overall preparedness when transitioning to life after sports. 



2 staff members on average managing 441 student-athletes within their respective wellness field. 

Our Solution

Consolidation of Resources

Through the consolidation of multiple campus services and wellness verticals, we help university staff prioritize their time to build a winning organization while giving athletes all they need on a singular platform.

Real-Time Data Analytics/Insights

With data showing real-time trends within their programs, university specialists are able to do their jobs more effectively by identifying the key needs of student-athletes to help them perform to their optimal ability.

Connectivity with Digitization

Our modern-engaging system of communication between athletes and their governing bodies as well as alumni, ensures the best opportunities for success both in and out of the game.

Are you Looking to Optimize your

Athletic Program?



Amy Huchthausen

AEC Commissioner

"We welcome The Zone as our newest partner and are excited for our schools to have access to its wellness platform. Health, safety and student-athlete well-being are a priority in the America East, and The Zone  will provide our schools additional tools to be able

to maximize their efforts in these areas."

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