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The Zone Gallery

Join The Zone as we sit down with professional athletes and popular industry faces to discuss important topics in sports. 


Jordan Schultz

ESPN Analyst

ESPN broadcaster Jordan Schultz let's us invade his workout to talk about his NBA bubble predictions, the health protocols in the bubble, and The future of College sports. 


Kevin Anderson

 Former Maryland Athletic Director

Kevin Anderson joins the Zone to discuss his experience as an Athletic Director from various universities such as Army, Maryland and Cal Berkeley. We talk about how we can build safer environments for athletes, how social issues impact athletics and what the future of college athletics looks like



Kevin Punter

Professional Basketball Player

Kevin Punter took the long way to realize his dreams, but he never wavered from his beliefs. From the Bronx to JUCO, then University of Tennessee to now the Euroleague

(Olimpia Milano) Kevin talks about the journey of each step in depth. 


Brandon Steiner

Sports Marketer

Brandon Steiner former CEO of Steiner sports and current founder of Steiner agency joins our show to discuss his journey from starting his paper route as young entrepreneur and too having 30 plus years in the sports marketing industry. 


Jenna Parker

Former Olympian & Actress

When Olympian Triathlete Jenna Parker decided to move on from her athletic career, little did she know the trials she would face. She came on to discuss with Ivan Tchatchouwo about her day to day being a college swimmer at Harvard University, all the way into how being a female athlete at the highest level impacts your personal life. 


Ashley Camano

Director of Partnership for the NY Mets

Ashley Camano chops it up with us about her transition from NIKE to the NY Mets and how being a student athlete at Duke University helped her navigate the business world. We really appreciated her care for empowering women in sports and also dropping a gem on what skills student athletes will need to land gigs in the near future. 

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