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NCAA athletic programs take on incredible responsibilities.  While striving to maintain a winning tradition for their Universities, they must also support the development, well-being, and lifelong success of their student-athletes. 


Collegiate programs can sometimes struggle to meet these goals due to the demands of their day-to-day tasks. As a result, their time can be spent inefficiently, resulting in Unnecessary ComplexityLack of Progress, and Poor Athlete Management

By enabling NCAA teams to provide a customized platform for their athletes right from their mobile device, The Zone helps athletic programs deliver a consolidated 360-degree connectivity and wellness approach. Our technology gives players access to  

  1. Consolidated Libraries of personalized daily wellness content 

  2. Organized Team specific services such as integrated schedules and training goals

  3. Communication tools to seamlessly connect staff and athletes


Through this vision, we are committed to helping schools stay connected with their athletes and provide adequate wellness resources.  By improving athlete wellness, NCAA programs can help ensure they perform to the best of their abilities each and every year.

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